Under the direction of Governor Daugaard, state agencies have repealed
outdated regulations dealing with a wide range of subjects,
from petroleum products, to county prisoners, to the federal census,
to traction engines, to the medical department of the National Guard, and more.




The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has identified and had repealed 303 sections of code, totaling over 26,000 words.


The Department of Social Services has identified and repealed 599 sections of duplicative or outdated rules, totaling more than 56,000 words. Some of these rules dated as far back as 1939.


The Department of Corrections identified an entire chapter of the state code that had not been used since 1996.


The South Dakota Department of Agriculture introduced legislation leading to the repeal of 273 sections of code and administrative rules, totaling more than 20,310 words.


The Department of Labor and Regulation has identified and repealed 89 sections of administrative rules, totaling over 95,000 words.


From 2011 through the end of the 2017 legislative session, executive agencies under Governor Daugaard have found 2,856 sections of rules and 1,541 sections of codified law that were subsequently repealed as duplicative, outdated, or unnecessary. In total, more than 477,000 words of red tape have been repealed through Governor Daugaard’s red tape review.




Governing Principle

With laws, more isn’t necessarily better. Laws should be clear and easy to follow. Government shouldn’t place unnecessary hurdles before our citizens or entrepreneurs, and things shouldn’t be overly complicated for people who are trying to follow the law.