Finance & Management   •   Commissioner Jason Dilges

Economic Development  •   Commissioner Pat Costello

Tourism   •   Secretary Jim Hagen

Agriculture   •   Secretary Lucas Lentsch

Labor and Regulation   •   Secretary Marcia Hultman

Game, Fish, and Parks   •   Secretary Jeff Vonk

Environment and Natural Resources   •   Secretary Steve Pirner

Corrections   •   Secretary Denny Kaemingk

Military   •   Adjutant General Tim Reisch

Public Safety   •   Secretary Trevor Jones

Transportation   •   Secretary Darin Bergquist

Housing Development Authority   •   Executive Director Mark Lauseng

Education   •   Secretary Melody Schopp

Information Technology   •   Commissioner David Zolnowsky

Human Resources   •   Commissioner Laurie Gill

Social Services   •   Secretary Lynne Valenti

Health   •   Secretary Doneen Hollingsworth

Human Services   •   Secretary Gloria Pearson

Administration   •   Commissioner Paul Kinsman

Revenue   •   Secretary Andy Gerlach

Tribal Relations   •   Secretary Leroy "J.R." LaPlante

Veterans Affairs   •   Secretary Larry Zimmerman


Dusty Johnson - Chief of Staff

Kim Malsam-Rysdon - Senior Advisor

Tony Venhuizen - Director of Policy and Communications

Jim Seward - General Counsel

Matt Konenkamp - Policy Advisor

Kim Olson - Policy Advisor

Nathan Sanderson - Policy Advisor

Jim Soyer - Legislative Director

Laura Ringling - Policy Analyst

Patrick Weber - Policy Analyst

Doreen Kayser - Scheduler

Kelsey Pritchard - Assistant Director of Communications

Grace Kessler - Constituent Services

Kris Erickson - Correspondence Manager

Amy Mancuso - Executive Assistant

Monica Harding - Executive Assistant

Nila Novotny - Executive Assistant

Judy Swartz - Administrative Assistant

Kristie Hauck - Receptionist

Marty Davis - Human Resources Director

Linda Fridley - Residence Manager



Jason Glodt

Nathan Sanderson

Dr. Nathan Sanderson is Governor Daugaard’s Director of Policy and Operations.  He manages policy development and implementation, oversees the operations of many state government departments, and serves as a member of the Governor’s Executive Committee.

He previously served as a Policy Advisor in the Governor’s Office and director of the Office of Agricultural Policy for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. Before joining the Department of Ag, Nathan was a history instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and served as project manager of the "Railroads and the Making of Modern America" digital project.

A South Dakota native, he graduated from Lake Preston High School and holds a B.S. in Agriculture Education from South Dakota State University, a M.A. in American History from the University of Indianapolis, and a Ph.D. in History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Nathan's hobbies include playing softball, curling, hunting and traveling with his wife Tiffany and son Carter.