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Road Funding

In the 2015 Legislative Session, Governor Daugaard put a legislative proposal forward to fund highways and bridges. The motor fuels tax had lost half of its purchasing power since it was last increased in 1999, and if state government did not act, South Dakota's roads and bridges would deteriorate. Even though South Dakotans generally oppose tax increases, the Governor and the Legislature realized the longer state government waited to act, the more costly it would be to repair our roads.

The Governor put forward a bill to address highway funding needs and a group of legislators, led by Senator Mike Vehle, brought their own proposal. Legislators came to compromise to generate significant new revenue for construction costs without placing an unreasonable burden on citizens. After months of discussions and studying the issue, the state Legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill to raise $85 million in new revenue for our roads and bridges at both the state and local levels.