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Duties, Powers, and Responsibilities

Lieutenant Governor Michels' experience in service to his community, state, and country, as well as his professional achievement make him an invaluable and versatile member of Governor Daugaard's team.

The Lieutenant Governor serves as an advisor on the Governor's Executive Committee. In his advisor role, Lieutenant Governor Michels oversees the Department of the Military, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and the Department of Tribal Relations. The Lieutenant Governor also leads a number of special projects, acts as liaison to South Dakota's Legislature, Investment Council, and Retirement System.

Lieutenant Governor Michels also continues to perform the traditional duties of his office. The following constitutional duties and powers are granted to the lieutenant governor:

The South Dakota Constitution states that the lieutenant governor shall be President of the Senate but shall have no vote unless the senators be equally divided.

The lieutenant governor is the first successor to the Office of the Governor in the event of vacancy.

Additionally, the lieutenant governor shall perform the duties and exercise the powers that may be delegated to him by the Governor.