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About Kristi

Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem is a leader consistently challenging the status quo and working hard to make South Dakota stronger for the next generation.

Kristi grew up on a farm and ranch in Hamlin County, South Dakota. From the time she could walk, she worked beside her dad on the ranch and especially enjoyed working with horses and cattle.

In college, Kristi married Bryon Noem, another farm kid from Hamlin County. Together, they have operated a farm and ranch, opened a hunting lodge, helped manage a family restaurant, owned an insurance agency and pursued numerous other business ventures.

In 2006, Kristi was elected to serve her hometown and surrounding district as a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives, and in 2010, she earned the opportunity to serve as South Dakota's lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kristi's common-sense values were quickly noticed in Washington. In her eight years in the nation's capital, Kristi played a key role in writing and passing historic tax cut legislation that put $2,400 back in the pockets of South Dakota families. Additionally, she successfully helped negotiate two Farm Bills, helped pass legislation to combat human trafficking and helped triple the size of the Black Hills Veterans Cemetery.

Now serving as South Dakota's 33rd governor, Kristi is focused on bringing in South Dakota's next big industry in order to create high-paying technology careers. She is working to strengthen families. She is committed to enhancing education, advancing agriculture, combating the meth epidemic, and bolstering mental health resources. Her approach to the role is simple - be the most connected governor our state has ever had.

Kristi often says that her greatest accomplishment is raising three children who love the Lord, love their family, and know how to work hard. Kassidy recently married Kyle and works in South Dakota as an appraiser. Kennedy graduated from South Dakota State University in 2018 and works in Pierre. Booker is a senior at Hamlin County High School.

To keep up with Kristi's work as governor, visit her Facebook page.

Event Introduction

Is Governor Noem speaking at your upcoming event and you’re wondering what to do about an introduction? Well, the best introductions are always those from the heart. But if you are looking for some inspiration here are two options for you to consider.


It is my honor to introduce our guest speaker for today's ceremony/event/meeting, Governor Kristi Noem.

You all know her as the 33rd governor of our great state.  But, if you haven't had the distinct pleasure, before today, of being in the same room with her when she speaks, then today will be a memorable day for you. 

When Governor Noem speaks she has the ability to make you feel like she is having a conversation with just you. She speaks from the heart and she is the real deal. She is grounded in her faith and dedicates herself to making our state better for the next generation. She challenges her staff and those around her to work hard, think creatively and find better ways to serve the people of our great state.

We are honored to have her here with us today.

Please, join me in welcoming, the honorable Governor Kristi Noem.


Today, we’re honored to have Governor Kristi Noem with us.

Kristi Noem has never been one to back down from a challenge. Whether that meant handling an ornery horse on her ranch or taking on the issues of Washington, D.C., Kristi Noem is a person that gets things done.

Kristi became governor in 2019 and is aggressively working to make South Dakota stronger for the next generation. She has made it her mission to recruit new businesses to South Dakota, strengthen families, and prioritize tough issues like mental health, a lack of internet connectivity, and our state’s meth epidemic.

Last year, Governor Noem committed to being the most connected governor South Dakota has ever seen. Today, we're seeing that firsthand. There are a lot of places the governor could be right now, but she understands the importance of hearing directly from groups like ours and working side by side with us to make our state a better place for our kids and grandkids.

Friends, please join me in welcoming Governor Kristi Noem.