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What You Need to Know About Governor Noem's Budget Priorities

On December 3, 2019, Gov. Noem delivered her FY2021 Budget Address from the House Floor of the Capitol where she provided an overview of the state’s economy, revenues, and expenses. But, perhaps most importantly, she outlined the conditions needed to enable South Dakota families, workers, and businesses to thrive for years to come.

As Gov. Noem said, "Money is tight this year. But just as South Dakotans always do, we will find a way to be successful with the resources at our disposal. At my direction, state agencies have already tightened their belts." Throughout her speech, she explained why South Dakota needs to scale back certain areas of the budget in order to provide funding for areas that will make our state stronger.   

Gov. Noem went on to talk about the real bottom line – about the tremendous opportunity before us. She stated, "We have some revenue challenges, yes, but I expect that will drive us to do better with the resources we have. The growth of our current industries and the attraction of new ones will drive opportunity. Expanding on some already successful initiatives will drive opportunity. And laying the foundation to enhance our competitiveness with respect to other states will help ensure our top talent stays in South Dakota – creating more opportunity for years to come." 

Dive into the details of the FY2021 Budget Address by viewing the budget book and the deck of appedix slides attached to the presentation on the Bureau of Finance and Management's website.

The full Budget Address can be viewed online here and a breakdown of the priorities is provided in more detail in the sidebar menu.