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Internship Program


The Governor's Office Internship Program provides the best, brightest, and most ambitious college and graduate students with practical professional experience before they enter the working world.

Governor's Office interns have the opportunity to work at the highest level of state government. Interns' duties will depend on interests and strengths. Typical duties will include aiding the Governor's general counsel, director of constituent services, and communications director; conducting policy research; and preparing policy briefings.

The positions are open to all undergraduate or graduate-level students. Preference will be given to South Dakota residents attending South Dakota colleges or universities.

Students who are interested in receiving credit should also apply. The Governor's staff is open to working with individual universities and professors to secure credit for the internship program.

The Governor's Office Internship Program creates a mutually beneficial arrangement for college students and their respective schools. Consequently, the selection process is critical to ensure that the students' skills are developed and their goals achieved. Selection of interns is based on interests, area of expertise, maturity, and academic record. All internships in the Governor's Office are paid.

Students interested in applying should submit a resume, cover letter, and references via e-mail to Julie.Muldoon@state.sd.us.

For more information on duties or logistics, contact Julie.Muldoon@state.sd.us.