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Making Government More Transparent

Every policy item and priority must align with transparency. Many Americans and many South Dakotans are losing their trust in government. This is particularly true of the younger generations. Stories of government ineptitude and downright scandal don’t help matters much.

I’m committed to building the most transparent administration South Dakota has ever seen. I’ll bring debates and meetings from the boardroom to your living room by utilizing free technologies like YouTube, Facebook Live and other apps. We’ll modernize and expand existing transparency websites by adding all agendas, minutes, and livestreams to a centralized online location.

Fact-based reporting must be valued and encouraged in order to uphold the integrity of government entities. During the 2019 legislative session, I asked for a reporter shield law that protects journalists from revealing privileged sources and information that I signed into law. This new law will help ensure that investigative reporters can do their jobs without fear of consequences or legal action. This is a necessary step toward protecting the constitutional right to a free and independent press. I am thankful that the South Dakota Newspaper Association supported this concept and worked with a majority of legislators to get this across the finish line.

I’m committed to making my administration the most transparent in our state’s history. As we grow our economy and strengthen family structures, we must be diligent in keeping government transparency as a cornerstone. Our state government must operate to serve people, not special interests. If you have other ideas for ways to increase transparency, send them in to us. We’ll work to bring more sunlight to the statehouse. You have my word.